Search Engine Optimization – First Page Ranking

SEO / Search Engine Optimization is a big thing in the online marketing. For business that providing services, be it accounting services, personal training, printing services or web design services like us, SEO is an important marketing strategies to be considered.

When you check keywords such as Website Developer Malaysia, Web Designer Puchong, web developer malaysia, and etc, you will find my website ( at Google first page ranking. That is how I get leads from the internet. People will never finding those keywords on Google, unless they are looking for services that we provide.

As for small businesses, you need not to spent on huge budget for commercial traditional advertising. What you need to do is to ensure that you are ranking on 1st of Google (or at least 1st page of Google) when someone nearby you looking for services. For example, I need not to be on 1st page of Google for Keywords like Website Designer Johor (since I cant provide services there).

Some keywords are high in traffic but also high competition. Instead of putting all effort on 1 keywords of this, I would recommend to focus on 10 lesser traffics, but easier to get rank. As for my experiences, a traffic of 50-100 per day for a B2B website is good enough to generate around 10-20 per month (the leads depends on the industries, seasons and trends).

Top 5 benefits of getting company website on first page ranking:

1. Free Organic Traffic
2. Drives leads and sales
3. Branding (Position as the leader of your industry)
4. Cost effective, long term marketing strategy.
5. Stay competitive

To do a good practice of SEO, you need to implement both the onsite and offsite optimization, which includes the keywords research, keyword density, meta tags, img alt tags, backlinks, social media links and etc. More about Local SEO Services in Malaysia